can you give me examples of case studies in education, family, religion and crime?

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more information on the case studies on crime, family, education and religion. the methods that researches used and their cristism ?

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THE FAMILY- Peter Laslett studied the parish records of births, deaths, and marriages of 100English villages from the 16th century to the 19th century. He found thatthroughout this period, English households had an average size of 4.75 persons (2 parents and 3 kids). In other words, the normal family type during this period was the nuclear family. Others were critical of his study and said that the nuclear family is not the most common type in Britain.

THE FAMILY- Young and Wilmott in 1973 say the the modern family has- a strong bond between husban and wife, equal sharing of tasks and equality. Some people are critical of this study and say that there are not equal roles within the family and that women do more work than men.


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thank you sooo much!

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