can we still make podcasts?

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last year i made podcasts from my notes, i dont seem to be able to find that option this year

Posted Mon 17th December, 2012 @ 14:51 by iffat

3 Answers

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You can still create podcasts automatically on uploaded Word documents.

We removed the facility for some types of resource because the service was a bit unreliable and sometimes the podcasts weren't great quality. The service was provided by nice people at and you can go direct to them if you can't make the podcast at GR.

I should add that we hope to have our own podcasting tool sometime soon ...

Answered Wed 9th January, 2013 @ 17:14 by Pete Langley - Get Revising founder
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It is in the same place as before

Answered Mon 7th January, 2013 @ 20:16 by Hannah
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A podcast tool would be really good because I like to make my own so that you can learn while you make them and learn when you listen back to them.

Answered Wed 9th January, 2013 @ 17:31 by Tilly - Team GR