Can u believe it...

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We are going to get our grades on Thursday! I cannot wait to see how BAD I did!

Posted: 06-03-12 20:22 by Tasnim

Me too :/

I bet you did amazing! :D

Posted: 06-03-12 20:34 by Leah

I am sooo nervous I cant even describe it. I dreading to watch my parents faces drop and Im just gonna sit there in joke

Posted: 06-03-12 21:15 by M

Leah wrote:

Me too :/

I bet you did amazing! :D

 No I don't think so I took:

Maths: I think i got: U

Law: E

Sociology: D

Will post tomorrow what I actually got make sure you guys do too.


Posted: 07-03-12 17:43 by Tasnim


Posted: 07-03-12 17:44 by Gabby Tracey

im happy that itll finally be overrrr im sick of wondering what i got!

Posted: 07-03-12 17:46 by Lamise Hassan

i no same

Posted: 07-03-12 17:47 by Gabby Tracey


Posted: 08-03-12 10:28 by Fyzah :p

Aww, don't worry guys :)

Posted: 08-03-12 16:57 by Leah