Can someone that does help me with a-level

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Soo I got my sixth for application form a week ago and am wondering if I have made the right chooses. So far I have chosen maths, chemistry and biology.
So. If anyone that does any of these subjects tell me if they hard or not.

Also I am wondering whether to do philosophy and ethics OR sociology.
I will really appreciate your help.

Thanks X
BTW I want to get into medical school.

Posted: 08-02-13 18:47 by simran

Well they are good choices for medical school, but I think philosophy would go better than sociology because you can talk about ethical issues at interview etc. Biology, chemistry and maths are all hard, but if you're good at them and going to get A/A* then you should be okay. Just be prepared to work hard and you should be fine. Have you done/going to do lots of work experience too?

Posted: 08-02-13 18:52 by Joanne

I am going to apply at nhs and a primary school. I am currently an assistant at a school. If you have any more ideas please let me know. I'm going to need as much work experience I can get.

Posted: 08-02-13 19:00 by simran

Maybe at a retirement home or with old people as it shows you can work with all age ranges! Or with people who have a disability.

Posted: 08-02-13 19:21 by Sophie

I vote philosophy and ethics!

Posted: 18-02-13 12:50 by Hannah

You'll need both chemisty and biology to get into medical school. I'm nearly finished my A levels and had Biology as one of my options. I found it hard to be honest, but as soon as I started to understand things it became a little easier. It's just a case of working for it. 

I'd also agree with philosophy over sociology, because chances are it will be more helpful, and it's also more interesting, I think.

Posted: 19-02-13 13:01 by Katie