Can someone please help me to compare the poem "Brothers" by Andrew Froster and the poem "Sister Maude" by Christina Rossetti, in the cluster of Relationship in Moon on the Tides Anthology! Please help me ASAP pleasee! thank you :D

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PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! I need to write a comparison essay on the peom Brothers and Sister Maude :) You help will be appreciated thank you


Posted: 08-04-12 15:34 by Gagan

When comparing you need to talk about similarities and differences between the poems.

Both are based on sibling relationships, of which the siblings are not the closest. You could also talk about the tone in which the poem is written: Brothers is quite remorseful, whereas Sister Maude is bitter and vengeful. 

Also, try comparing the different language techniques used by the poets (e.g. do both use metaphors and, if they do, is the usage similar?)

It's not much, but I hope it helps.

Posted: 09-04-12 11:15 by Maya Kad

Try using this to help you plan your answer OFLIRTC

O - overview, sumarise the story lines of the poem (this gets you D so do it in one sentence dont waste time) try use an orginal opening compare how both are family relationships, more specifically siblings. they both show how a past event has created a void between the two family members.

F- form, this is a key mark scorer dont avoid! sister muade is written in ballad form traditionally used to show anger and resent, it uses iambic pentameter - closest to living voice, compare this to brothers where the verse lenghts mimick 'the distance set in motion'.

L- language, always remember to label you language emotive, negative and positive this overlaps with imagery but her you want to focus in on specific words ie the repeation of sister muade creating a hissing sound. unlike in brothers where the childlike language such as 'spouting' and 'windmilled' is used to show the young naivity.

I - imagery, quite self explanitory. sister muade - life and death where as brothers is all about distances.

R- rhyme, in these to poems this is key! in sister muade rhyme is used to intensify her hatred linking key words together such as 'bide you with death and sin' 'embrace' 'face' where as in brothers its the break down in rhyme that emphasises the breakdown in  the relationship.

T- tone, another mark scorer! the key with this is to address where it changes and why? and if it doesnt the significance! for example it doesnt in sister muade she her tone remains bitter she is set on hating her sister, this hatred will be strong the pain is deep and everlasting. the opposite to brothers where the tone changes in the final line as the reality of his childhood immaturity is made key. why does forster do this?

C- conclusion, easy peasy! just summarise DONT REPEAT! save an orginal point your best one and involve personal opinions as well as trying to end on a quote aswell!

Have fun hahaha:P when you compare other poems you can still use this format:)

Posted: 10-04-12 14:08 by Kristina Wright

Awwww, thank you guys!!, lifee savers :D x Is it possible, if i can recieve an example of a structured paragraph forr this essay?? I would lovee that please, I knoww all those point, but am kind of stuggling to put it into a proper nice paragraph, so pleasee if you can just give me one good A*/A samplee paragraph :)

Thank you oncee again x

Posted: 10-04-12 17:26 by Gagan

that's a great answer

Posted: 11-04-12 18:21 by Connah Greenhalgh - Team GR