Can someone explain to me how to use functions to translate/draw graphs?

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Can someone explain to me how to use functions to translate/draw graphs?

There are quadratics, reciprocal, translations, stretching, transformations, functions of x, etc. but i don't know how to interpret them. 

P.S.I got all graph questions wrong in my mock examination.-waa!

Posted Sat 2nd February, 2013 @ 21:43 by Sophianna_xx
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Oh, I uploaded something on this. Its a bit messy so you might not understand it, but it was orginally made for me so its just notes. You can read through it and see if you understand. I am pretty sure it is what you are talking about.

Here is the address:

Hope this helps.

Oh yeah it would be great if you commented to. THX

Answered Tue 26th February, 2013 @ 15:49 by evie4learning
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Hello Sophianna_xx, almost forgot about you! I'm so happy my notes were a help, as I wasn't sure if it would be any use to anyone. 

Commenting on resourses is easy, it's just like how you sent a reply to me. Insted of - Your answer (as of here) it will say: leave a comment. You can write if you found this resource good or bad, if you liked it etc. It's not mandatory to write a comment each time to download resources from other users like you did from me. It just like a little thank you to the author. Actually, I'm just happy someone liked my resource, so no need. You really just commented already by replying back.

Good luck with everything. Hope you did well.


Answered Fri 1st March, 2013 @ 18:16 by evie4learning
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Thank you soooo much evie4learning. You're so helpful.

I'd like to return something to you but i dont know wat and how. So, if you need any help with any of your subjects, coz im doing gcse's too, just contact me, ok?

Thanks again.

P.s. You could just call me sophianna btw.

Can i just call you Evie?

Answered Fri 1st March, 2013 @ 19:27 by Sophianna_xx
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This is for evie4learning:

Thanks evie4learning. Yh ur function notes really did help. I had my exam today and it came up. I believe that i got that question correct.

Thank you again; it was really useful.

P.S. Sorry i couldnt reply earlier-i was revising for maths and so i haven't come online for ages. Also, could you tell me how you comment? Do you just answer? I'm new to this website and i cant figure it out; IT and technology r nt my strongest subjects... i think i worked out the voting stuff though...


Answered Thu 28th February, 2013 @ 21:26 by Sophianna_xx
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Btw i voted on ur resource. Does it come up coz it doesnt show on my computer for some reason. 

Answered Fri 1st March, 2013 @ 19:42 by Sophianna_xx
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Hi Sophianna!

Yep, you can call me evie. Its my nickname, my real name's evangeline but I prefer evie. Regarding your help, that would be great. I might have some questions on the exams I'm doing, but right now I really befuddled - that's a weird word (maybe I'm thinking of confused!). I guess its because the exams a piling up and I don't know how to really start revising properly yet. Get revising is great, but sometimes you really feel alone, especially when it gets closer to the exams and you really feel the pressure from everyone around you - especially your parents! Its good that you know you have someone to ask for help. Thx for voting on my resource btw, I don't see it too but maybe it takes time to come up - you know how some sites are. Also get revising has been playing up, last time the toolbar wasn't working so I couldn't get into the discussing forum. Oh well, it will probably be fixed - guess just have to be patient. 

Also, I looked at you public profile for the first time, what a coincidence! I want to go into medicine too, I am actually doing Human Biology IGCSE, but now i guess I'm regretting it. Along with my other GCSEs it quite a lot of work. You seem to be a organised person, so I bet you'll do great in your exams.

Thx for your reply.


"wow, I wrote alot - gosh sometimes I go on too much!!!" - LOL ;D

Answered Sun 3rd March, 2013 @ 19:06 by evie4learning
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Yh feel free to ask me watever u want...oh n for the biology human stuff--i bthink i have had this influence coz most people in my family are doing u still gotta agree is cool rite? all about these processes that happen that we dont even think about, how small thinks are, and tht we rely on one muscle the heart? dats wat interesting is...not video games where you try kill ur opponent(no offence if you like video killing games)

for your revising? hav u created a timetable for your exams? Do that first... de get revising one is really cool -dats de original reason i joined this site....den in each 'revision' session look over what you hav done in class and den read over stuff you dnt understand. Best way for me to remeber things? read something and practise it in exam questions- REALLY HELPS- then as exams approach  read over any notes and do practise papers under exam conditions....oh and if ur a visual learner - youtube has some really good informative videos as well  funny videos and songs...dow u have to stik to it..something i didnt do wid my old timetable

p.s. dont worry bout riting 2 much -- i write a lot myself--teachers and my classmates hate me for that...haha

also, wer are u from ? evangeline is very common in my home country...

Answered Mon 4th March, 2013 @ 18:03 by Sophianna_xx
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Hi again, soz for the wait. Haven't been online for awhile cos of revision. The computer distracts me alooot! 

Yes, i feel that way about biology too, but none of my family are doctors..well except the ones who are studying to do something in the medicine side. I think...or maybe something eles. I forget. 

To tell u the truth I haven't used any of creating revision resources on this site. I can sometimes be very lazy, at first i tried to make a timetable and then it asked for the exam date and i didn't know - this was months ago by the way, i don't like things half done (obviously cos u can fill the date in later) and I just gave up! I do that all the time. Like my mum says I never finish. I know you can create notes and crosswords on this site but I never got around to them. Actually, I think I perfer revision I can put my hands on - sheets, flash cards. I like that you can answers question though. And the new study group option is great also.

Oh yes where I am from..well I'm from london, live there also. My mum is also born here but her parents r not and my dad is not also. My family orginates from the carribean, my mum from antigua and dad from dominica. You wouldn't expect that from my name but my mum obsessed with old english names... victoria, alexander, dominic those are my siblings names. Where are you from? You've said home country so I'm guessing not from england. Though Im sure evangeline is a common english name so Im not sure...

Nice speaking to you again.


Answered Wed 6th March, 2013 @ 20:05 by evie4learning
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Soz evie that im replying late; i didnt get an e-mail dat u had replied...soz

Actually i'm a bit mixed too. mum is greek but my dad is half cypriot and half british. my parents met abroad and so i was born abroad too but we moved here wen i was 3  coz my grandad from my dads side is pure british so he wanted us to cum stay with hi in his home country so i grew up here and kinda half a more british culture and mentality rather than greek.

but yh evangeline is very common in greece...its a nice name too.

Answered Fri 8th March, 2013 @ 23:23 by Sophianna_xx
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hi sophianna

Oh yeah, I thought so...someone did say it was a greek name before. Wow, so you are kinda half greek, crypriot and! Do you mind if i ask if you speak greek?

You said that you had a mind of a british person, thats understandable since you've lived there most of your life. You know, I was watching something like this on youtube - its a silly channel by the way about a japanese guy and his brother (sometimes funny but he likes to exaggerate abit). Its weird how people when they are brought up in another country forget about their first langusge and its culture. This is a old video by the way but his brother doesn't speak english but he does even though they were both born in england. He got pretty annoyed cos people kept asking him over and over how that could be. But it made sense since he was in england longer before they left and went back to japan. I would give you the link but I can't remember what its called..

oh well, you get what i mean right. I wish I knew another language but right know I don't have time to fully commit - not doing a lang gcse but did french at school. In my free time though I do learn japanese - which is the furthest lang form the carribean but I enjoy it so...

guess i wrote too much again, hope to speak to you soon. evie ;)

Answered Sat 9th March, 2013 @ 11:17 by evie4learning