Can someone explain hypothesis testing please? (Statisics S1)

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Including significance level, two tail tests, etc. Exam board is MEI OCR.

Posted Thu 10th May, 2012 @ 15:03 by Daniel

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I don't do OCR but i know what it is.
Leme start with the critical regoin, this includes the values of the test statistic that are likely to be rejected under the null hypothesis. So this critical region depends on the level significance because the level of significance determines how small the chance of the test statistic happening under the Ho is..
A two tail test is a hypothesis test where you are told that the probability or mean is"" DIFFERENT FROM"- it can be greater than that in the null hypothesis or less than. 
Has that helped?  

Answered Thu 10th May, 2012 @ 16:02 by Sneha Vadgama
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Two-tailed test = when what you're testing is not specific, like "there is a relationship between eating chocolate and being happy"

One-tailed test = When you're testing specific like "there is a positive relationship between eating chocolate and being happy"

If the value you worked out between the sig value (see below) you accept H0, if outside, you accept H1.

          |_______Accept null hypothesis_______|

-ve sig value                                     +ve sig value

That is how i remembered it when i did it.. i hope it helped :)

Answered Thu 10th May, 2012 @ 21:24 by Blue and Red