Can I have advice whether to do Psychology AS/A2 Edexcel?

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Not sure whether to do it as it does seem a bit simple and simliar to GCSE?

Posted Tue 7th January, 2014 @ 20:41 by Caitlin Ward

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hello Caitlin

my name is Fatimah and I was in your position this time last year. At first i didn't even consider ever picking psychology.However in my college interview I was told i couln't do a course that i wan't to do so i chose psychology as a back up. Now i am studying it, it is my favourite course. The course has a lot of content to remember you have to explain differnt case studies in AS level however we study OCR. Although it is so intersting and fun to learn about. It makes you think about how the brain works. It isn't like GCSE its definetly content heavy and you will find yourself studying hard to remember all the facts.!

I hope this has helped you in your difficult choice of courses.

Fatimah = P

Answered Sat 24th January, 2015 @ 14:13 by Fatimah__:)