can anyone tell me any quotes for crime and punishment on christianity?

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i reall need to learn them

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·         The Bible says that God is just and will reward the just and punish those who sin.

·         The Bible says that people should be treated fairly and not cheated and God wants the world to run justly.

·         Jesus said that the rich should share with the poor – Christians should treat people fairly and equally.

·         The Christian Churches have made many statements about the need for Christians to work for justice and fairness in the world.

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Different attitudes to capital punishment against Christians

Against Capital Punishment:

·         Jesus came to save sinners. It is impossible to reform a criminal who has been executed.

·         Jesus said that an eye for an eye is wrong meaning he bans retribution

·         Christianity teaches that life is sacred and that only God has the right to take a life.

·         Most of the Christian Churches have condemned capital punishment.

For Capital Punishment:

·         The Bible sets down the death penalty as the punishment for a number of crimes so it is allowed by God.

·         The Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England have not retracted their statements which permit the state to use capital punishment.

·         The Christian Church used capital punishment in the past for the crime of heresy (holding beliefs different from official Church teachings)

·         Some Christian thinkers believe that peace of society is more important that the reform of sinner and that Christians can therefore use capital punishment to preserve the pace of society

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Against illegal drugs because:

·         It is against the law and Christians should obey the law as long as it is just

·         St Paul taught that a Christian’s body is a temple of the Holy Spirit which should not be abused and taking drugs is abusing God’s temple

·         Drugs have a mental effect making it difficult to worship God properly or follow the Christian way of life

·         All Christian Churches teach that the use of illegal drugs is wrong

Believe tobacco and alcohol is okay within moderation because:

·         The first miracle Jesus performed was changing water into wine

·         St Paul said that Christians could drink in moderation. ‘Stop drinking water and use a little wine because of your stomach…’

·         Jesus drank wine during his life and even at his death

·         Jesus used bread and wine at his Last Supper and told his disciples to continue the tradition

·         Most Churches use alcoholic wine in their communion services

Are against smoking and drinking because:

·         Believe it is abusing God’s temple

·         Bible teaches that the consumption of alcohol impairs judgement, inflames passion and invites violence.

·         Believe that Christians should set an example of a good and healthy lifestyle by abstaining from them.

·         Bible warns against drunkenness. E.G. Noah’s drunkenness brought shame to his family

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