Can anyone lay out the foundations to awnsering the six mark questions? [Edexcel]

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I want to be able to fully understand what to do when awnsering the 6 mark questions on any Edexcel science exam paper. If anyone has a typical mark scheme to awnser these questions, it would help immensely with my revision.

Thank you!


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6 mark questions? I think this applies to all science exam papers, regardless of boards. The thing is really you need three points, and another three points. And they aren't hard, these questions are about explaining the process, for example, life cycle of stars, everything you've read about that topic you have to shorten it down into 6 main points which are revelant. And don't worry, Science exams are very easy, they haven't changed it,, its a fact based remebering exam where your knowledge is gonna be put to the test, they'll ask different questions....but here's the cheat code: ALL THE QUESTIONS THEY ASK YOU WILL RELATE TO THE SAME TOPIC. FOR EXAMPLE, ADAPTIONS, THEY DO ANYTHING ABOUT MAMMOTHS, OR BEARS...YOU JUST HAVE TO THINK AS TO HOW THAT ANIMAL WILL SURIVIE. E.G WE KNOW THAT POLAR BEARS ADAPT, SO WILL RABBITS OR WHATNOT. THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT IT WILL BE DIFFERENT QUESTIONS TO TEST YOU ON THE SAME KNOWLEDGE. DON'T EXPECT TO ANSWER EVERYTHING ACCORDING TO WHAT YOU HAVE READ, THEY'LL TWIST THE QUESTION, BUT REMEMBER, ALL THE QUESTIONS MAY BE DIFFERENT, BUT THE TOPIC IS THE SAME. USE THAT AND YOU'LL SEE SUDDENLY THAT ALL THE QUESTIONS FIT TOGETHER. So for 6 marks: Easy marks to pick up, they are your gold dust. Explain six revelant points according to the topic. You'll get six out of six for that!

Answered Sun 3rd March, 2013 @ 15:03 by Saigo Takormori