can anyone help me with the conditional tense in french??

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im doing my gcse in french and i was getting stuck on the conditional, does anyone have any good notes? thankyouuu!<3

Posted Wed 13th June, 2012 @ 14:58 by bethbowyer x

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The endings (which are coincidentally the same as for the imperfect) are the same for all verbs:

je - ais

tu - ais

il/elle/on - ait

nous - ions

vous - iez

ils/elles - aient

The stem of the verb couldn't be simplier:  it's just the infinitive (and therefore the same as for the future tense)!  Apart from RE verbs where you take off the E.

So... je jouerais, tu jouerais, il jouerait, nous jouerions, vous joueriez, ils joueraient.

je finirais, tu finirais, il finirait, nous finirions, vour finiriez, ils finiraient.

je vendrais, tu vendrais, il vendrait, nous vendrions, vous vendriez, ils vendraient.

There are some irregular stems:

avoir - aur

etre - ser

aller - ir

faire - fer

pouvoir - pourr

devoir - devr

vouloir - voudr

boire - buvr

voir - verr

savoir - saur

venir - viendr

Hope all of that helps!  I used to remember just as the future stem +imperfect ending.

Answered Thu 14th June, 2012 @ 15:46 by Jamsamwige