Can anyone help me understand TITRATION???

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i donk know the process. HELP??!!!

Posted Sun 16th December, 2012 @ 23:15 by NBZYG

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Titrate when you have an unknown concentration os acid or alkali and lets you find the end point of a reaction. In this example we will have a unknown acid

1) Prepare a burette, wash it out with distilled water to clean it, then rinse it through with some of the acid you will be using. Then put in acid till yo reach the 0cm mark.

2) take a conical flask add a suitable indicator, which will change colour at the end point of reaction -at teh equivlance point where the solution in the conical flask is now neutral. youll proably be told what indicator to use

3) Use a pipette, wash it through with distilled water, then with some of the alkali, then add known amount and concentration of alkali into the conical flask (25cm^3)

4) using the tap/dropper add the acid into the conical flask until the solution as changed colour. Take the measurement of the side of the burette  -this is your trial

5) repeat the above until you have two concordant results.. i.e. volumes that are within 0.1 with each other.Remeber you may have to refill the burette with acid each time.

this is quite helpful :

In questions you may have to mention methods such as using a white tile to accurately define a colour change, or using a filter funnel to add acid. 

Hope this helps x

Answered Mon 17th December, 2012 @ 10:35 by Edward Pinches