*Can anyone help?

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* Im doing Physical Education written paper (1) with WJEC: and am just wondering does anyone have any methods on how to revise in a physical way that may help get those thereory terms stuck in my mind?


Posted: 01-05-11 18:58 by Anna

heyya anna,

hope you have had a good easter/bank holiday. i didn't do WJEC for Physcial Education (i done edexcel) but these tips/advice/links might help you with your PE examination.

  • revision cards
  • cross sticks,rhymes or something that can be related to in everyday life and make as silly as you can- for example if you are doing the spine you could use Chris (cervical) The (thoracic) Legend (lumber) Sucks (saccrum) his Cat (coccyx) or Clares **** are Long and Saggy. strain- before you cook a MUSCLE you have to strain it- i think you've got it- just look through your file and if you see anything like these make one up- by the end you might have remembered it anyways need any help post something up on here- i know how stressful these exams are and i'm always welcome to help anyone.
  • songs - check out this link ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kuQ4OJnTtA4&feature=related)
  • make up games with friends ( when i done pe the teacher made up a game with lots of hexagens with a letter in the middle in it, we were on two teams, and the letter inside that hexagen we chose was the first letter of that answer and we had to move across without going straight answering the questions correctly, the first team across won- maybe you and some friends could try this with eachother at lunch times you need a minimum of five people)
  • nag a teacher for mock exams or questions (a very good idea-teachers are there to help it's their job and pleasure to watch pupils succeed, so they might not mind giving up an hour or so at a lunch/break or after school cause they have to stay the detainees anyways til atleast 5pm anyways).
  • revision clubs (if your school has them)
  • this powerpoint might help you it's all sports courses and levels of ability


below is some more across sticks that i feel may help you

Health related fitness

 Cardiovascular fitness/endurance- the ability to exercise your whole body for a long time

muscular strength- the amount of force a muscle can exhert

flexibility- the range of movement avalible at a joint

body composition- the percentage of weight that is fat, muscle and skin

Way to remember



Flex (their)


follow the links below some of my resources may help you xxxx







I hope that these will help you in the preperations to your important exams

Good Luck with a four leaf clover i wish you the best success for the future xxxxx

Posted: 02-05-11 13:05 by Hayley

read a section 3 times, take a piece of paper and write down everything youremeber than see how that goes.

example with remembering al the skill related name




R-Richard REACTION Time

P-Paul POWER  make up names to remember thins its smple

Posted: 31-03-12 10:36 by sasiane saku

Past Papers :)

Posted: 20-01-13 11:56 by Crystal Blue ♥

I have had to stop doing my qualification in physical education due to moving countries. However, I would advise that you simply do the things that the theory requires you to remember and literally think about what you are doing while you are doing it. So if you are running you can think about the different muscles that you are using, name them and identify what they are best at. This allows you to revise theory while keeping fit and having fun, no looking at books for hours. You can do the same thing with any activity from tennis to swimming. That way you are keeping both your mind and body active and because you have come to connect your theory revision with your enjoyment and fun you will soon naturally have the theory comming to you as easily as your backhand in tennis! I hope this helps, it worked for me! Glad to help!

Posted: 12-02-13 04:45 by SonofSonofSmy