Can anyone describe the Hungarian Rising and/or the Prague Spring?

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I need to revise this for an upcoming History exam on the Origins of The First World War, Origins Of The Cold War and the Crises of The Cold War

Posted Thu 7th June, 2012 @ 15:58 by Joshua King

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hungarian uprising

aims - to regain freedom, get rid of soviet troops and officials in their country

attitude towards communism - felt threatened by them and feared them

attitude towards democracy - didnt like the fact they didnt have feedom of speech

attitude to the USSR - threatened by them, feared the secret police, felt taken over, didnt like the fact they had to pay for the soviet troops/forces to be in hungary

attitude to the west - werent very happy with them as they were too busy with a crisis in the suez canal in egypt, needed help but the west thought it would be too big for them and was a risk of triggering war

why the soviet union intervened - khrushchev couldnt accept that hungary wanted to leave the warsaw pact so he tried to stop them by trying to stop the hungarians rebelling

how each state responded to the soviet intervention - the only serious action that came from the usa and its allies were harsh words in th UN and in newspapers and tv programmes of western states

prague spring

aims - show how useless and corrupt the communist leadership was after not carrying out changes that were set to do, freedom of speech

attitudes towards communism - liked being under control but they were failed to lead the country forward, critisised them about how they were running the country and previous events, didnt like restrictions but.. quite happy to be part of the warsaw pact

attitude towards democracy - felt more controlled/stable, felt it was more practicle, positive

attitude towars the USSR - werent exactly friendly but agreed that the czechs wouldnt set up a new social democratic party

attitude to the west - pro west, friendly/allies, would ask for help if needed, because ussr didnt want czechoslovakians to leave the warsaw pact the west said that if the ussr reacted and blockaded they would supply the czechs

why the soviet union intervened - suspicions about changes taking place, worried the new ideas would spread to other countries, czechoslovakia was centre of soviet sphere of influence, czech industry/economy was much more advanced

how each state responded to the soviet intervention - east german leader walter ulbricht and polish leader gomulka tried to restrain reform in czechoslovakia. ussr argued with dubeck, polish and german troops joined soviets and trained on czechs boarder, breznev doctrine

hope this helps.. didnt really do a lot in clas so yeahh ;P

Answered Thu 7th June, 2012 @ 21:26 by Lizzie(: