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Does anyone know how to answer style 'C' 3 mark questions. I know how to answer A,B,D and E but having trouble with C. I dont know whether I should use a point, evidence, explanation. Or just 3 definitions ?

for example: Why are some christians opposed to abortion?This is a c Question and i dont know whether to say why christians are opposed to abortion and back it up with an evidence and explanation or whether i should say something else?

Please help!

Posted: 07-05-11 16:43 by Sara

This is just 3 marks, so what you need to do is say 2 things. For example

Some Christians oppose abortion becuase they believe that they should never kill as that is one of the 10 commandments. Other Christians would say that it is okay sometimes as there are circumstances like **** when you don't decide to get pregnant.

You could do it like that, or 2 arguments for one side (couldn't remember any other reasons!!)

Hope this helps Sara :)

Posted: 07-05-11 16:56 by Emma

Thank you sooo much Emma, that really helped and I will make sure to remeber it when revising.

Thanks again! :)

Posted: 07-05-11 17:01 by Sara

Thats fine :) Glad to help, we got taught a lot of stuff about answering questions!! If you need any more help, feel free to ask and I know where lots of revision guides are online for free if you need or revision resources :)

Posted: 07-05-11 17:05 by Emma

Actually, we got given an RE revision guide from our school for free which is good, but if you took GCSE media do you know where i can find a media revision guide for action adventure films?

Thanks again for all your help, much appreciated :)

Posted: 07-05-11 17:10 by Sara

No i don't, but i'd be glad to help look for one for you :)

give me a sec....

Posted: 07-05-11 17:17 by Emma

Thank you soo much, you've been so much help! :)

Posted: 07-05-11 17:23 by Sara

Aww ;) Thats fine, I love to help :D

If you need anything, just give me a message or something :) I'll help youu :) (I'll even try if I don't do the topic!!)

Posted: 07-05-11 17:28 by Emma

Lol :) Coolioo :)

You're welcome! :)

Posted: 08-05-11 17:25 by Emma