C7?????? stressing.. dont know any of it!!!!!

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exam is nine am tomorrow, and dont understand any of it..

Posted Wed 23rd May, 2012 @ 16:23 by Robyn Victoria Gaines

4 Answers

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well it's a little late to be panicking :P

Answered Wed 23rd May, 2012 @ 18:41 by Nuha
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I'm in the same boat. It's such a terrible topic, my best advice is to try and cram with any resources you have handy and not to freak out over it.

Answered Wed 23rd May, 2012 @ 19:12 by KieranD
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If you have a revision guide, then that's your best bet! :D It has everything you need to know!

Answered Wed 23rd May, 2012 @ 20:29 by furuba fan
Edited by furuba fan on Wed 23rd May, 2012 @ 20:29
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I don't mean to be annoying, but the revision guide for the OCR 21st century science (C7) isn't very good at all! It's missed out esterification and making ethanol, plus other bits and bobs.

Answered Thu 24th May, 2012 @ 08:52 by RFC1871 (Eden32)