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I have a lot of exams, the above and english... alonfg with coursework- any advice for science revision?

please help me!!! :D lol

Posted: 03-05-12 11:20 by aneesah
  • Past papers are a great way of seeing how you can get marks - do the paper and then look over the mark scheme and try and learn exactly what the examiners want to hear.
  • BBC bitesize has some good resources for unit 2 science.
  • Look over your notes and condense them onto flashcards and stick these up in places that you will regularly see.

Hope this helps! Good luck with your exams :)

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Posted: 05-05-12 12:53 by Former Member

good luck with your exams too...  :D

I like the idea of condensing flashcards

I've also made some myself...I'll post the link soon!!

Posted: 05-05-12 13:21 by aneesah