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Hi guys

I am not sure what book to but to revise or my gcse's. I am worried that i'll fail!!

Posted: 23-02-10 19:49 by Pinkypops


i have got a CGP book for business studies which is really helpful and goes through basic stuff you need to know and some stuff that you might not understand. I might not be doing the same exam as you, but the CGP bok is relevant for all exams and is great and has really helped me so far!!!!

Hope it helps...

Posted: 22-04-10 20:14 by Rukhsar

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Posted: 09-01-11 12:49 by yeliz

depends what centre ur doing , like im doing ccea

Posted: 13-04-11 10:02 by Clara Fleming

Any GCSE book will do for revision purposes, but don't worry I took it a couple of years ago and it's is quite easy. As long as you have good common sense then you will be fine!

Try using Longsdale GCSE business studies book, that has literally everything in it you need- and it won't hurt your brain either!

Good luck with your exam!

Posted: 18-04-11 20:55 by Rebecca Jayne

i have edexcel GCSE business: building a business

Posted: 08-05-11 18:38 by Jessica Blades

Business studies is an academic subject taught at higher level in uk. Business studies can be taken as part of the general certificate of secondary education. Business studies courses give you a broad overview of how the commercial world operates.

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Posted: 23-12-11 10:34 by Lisa Josephson