Buisness names?any ideas please?

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Can anyone please give us some ideas for a buisness selling all sorts of things please?

We will not take any of your ideas but hopefully they will give us some inspiration :) 

p.s its for a project at school. Thankyou very much for all your help (in advance).

Something like "all sorts" maybe :)

Posted: 18-01-13 17:47 by TheComputerGeek

Urm I'm not sure but DIVERSITY Mabey.
It's another word for all sorts of things.
I know this doesn't help but I gave it a shot.

Posted: 18-01-13 19:16 by simran

This might help you come up with the name


You could also try some good sounding foreign words which are quite catchy

Superabo is latin for I will prevail

Vincam means I will win in latin

éxito is spanish for success

Hope this helps!

Posted: 19-01-13 08:13 by Tilly - Team GR