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Why did you change your name? Mr Beelal? You have saddened me.... :'( lol

Posted: 01-08-12 00:37 by Re-Re

Has he?!

Posted: 01-08-12 17:56 by Leah

yeah. I havent heard from him for days. miss him terribly :'( 

Posted: 01-08-12 22:25 by priya777

Aww, me too :')

Posted: 01-08-12 22:29 by Leah

MY world's falling apart.

My lil G-bud since year 7.... cant belive hes gone... 

Its like everyone's starting to leave my life. 

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Posted: 01-08-12 23:17 by priya777

hi priya  and i say the article.. im really  sorry for ur friend

Posted: 01-08-12 23:31 by SciTech

Sorry to hear about your G-bud, hope he lives happily ever after in heaven :)

Posted: 02-08-12 00:54 by Re-Re

OMG, me too im sorry bwt ur friend.. i believe his not a muslim but yet all his sins may be forgiven as it is the month of ramadan .. inshallah... 

Posted: 02-08-12 12:57 by ? Secret - Team GR

Thanks guys.  This was like 4 days after his 16th birthday. It still hasnt sank in that he's gone. Im just worried about his family. I met his mum today. Shes not talking. just sitting in her room with tears in her eyes. 

All our friends are sadenned too. One of his closest mates made this :/

Posted: 02-08-12 16:20 by priya777

I'm so sorry for you and his family.

Posted: 02-08-12 17:44 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

Re-Re I like both his names.

Posted: 02-08-12 18:38 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

aww that poem is soo sweet ...

Posted: 02-08-12 20:04 by ? Secret - Team GR

yeh that poem is good

Posted: 02-08-12 21:30 by SciTech

omg priya i am sooooooooooo sorry

i cant imagine how the parents are

Posted: 03-08-12 12:55 by aliimz

"Braniac" huh

i prefer beelal 


Posted: 03-08-12 12:55 by aliimz pic braniac 

Posted: 03-08-12 18:43 by ELectrica!

Priya, I'm so sorry, I don't know what I can say, other than I understand what you're going through, my grandad died this week xxxxx

Posted: 04-08-12 19:26 by Neon

Thanks guys, And Take care inferno xxxx

I dont think beelu is comming back guys. The world's full of deceitful ppl, guess he was one of them.  

Posted: 05-08-12 17:55 by priya777

what??? why???

noooooooooo!!! how dare he?!?!

awwwwww im gonna miss him and i didnt even get to see a proper pic of him damn!!!

Posted: 06-08-12 22:28 by aliimz

told him on FB he'd really upset everyone, he said "lol soz" which is possibly the least sorry sorry he could give, but then I can't help thinking it might be part of is stupid conviction that we won't miss him, trying to like, put us off of him if you know what I mean?

Posted: 07-08-12 00:23 by Neon

hes not even talking to me on FB. Had his phone num too, but wont text me back. 

I told him before that ill never forget him. No matter what he does. And i still stand by that.

idk inferno, maybe ur right. It does seem like that was his motive. But... i dont think it will work.

Last week was probably the worst for me, my friend unfortunate death, and then beelal. Both reduce me to tears every single day. 

Posted: 07-08-12 08:23 by priya777


Posted: 08-08-12 00:08 by SciTech

I know it's really hard right now priya, but things will get better again, just remember, I'm here if you need someone to talk to, I've helped other friends through tough times, nothing like this, but I hope I could probably make you feel a little better, or at least take your mind off of things a bit xxxxx

Posted: 08-08-12 13:59 by Neon

priya wats happened? :'(

Sorry I didnt catch on wat everyone is saying.... :'(

Posted: 08-08-12 15:18 by в

received this from beelal... thought I'd share it:

Gabs im leavin gr or in other words u wont see me on it forever..u probs will ask y but dont worry its just gud that i leave....its been nice knowing u inferno..... N i will say bye in 10 days time ..... I will not be persuaded to change my mind..... Im 100% leaving..... There will be others to tlk to .......i wont follow LP-FTW as she didnt say bye .....but i will leave..... Looks like ill only know gabs from now on.... Anyway cya inferno.....its been gud on account wil not be deleted but will be All i want to really say is thnx for being a gud friend.... Inferno....luna....

Posted: 09-08-12 17:55 by Neon