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how annoying is it when you click 5 and you hav to find 'libby' again to do the rest!


Posted: 13-03-12 19:58 by Leah


ohno! have to go

'm being chucked off my mum's computer :(

maybe we will talk again XD

sweet dreams :P

Posted: 13-03-12 19:59 by ;)

ok, u too. Bye :D

Posted: 13-03-12 20:01 by Leah

IM STRUGGLING ON AN AS HISTORY ESSAY ON THE VIETNAM WAR. cries whydiditakehistorytothislevel!? WHY!?

Posted: 13-03-12 20:01 by misshapenskies

misshapenskies wrote:

<awkwardly jumps into conversation>


LOLOLOL....Misshapenskies i'm in the library.... XD... trying not to laugh..... *  runs outside * hahahahhahahahaa :P

Posted: 14-03-12 10:04 by Fyzah :p

loooll oh my days...

Posted: 14-03-12 20:06 by M

ha. lovin the new profile pic :)

and the llama :)

Posted: 14-03-12 22:34 by Leah

so am i....i mean, i didnt imagine that you would look like that Leah but there u go

Posted: 15-03-12 10:44 by M

lol xD what are you talking about Agent M... that's not Leah, it's me :P

Llama 4 lyf ;)

Posted: 15-03-12 11:29 by Fyzah :p

lol xD what are you talking about Agent M... that's not Leah, it's me :P

Llama 4 lyf ;)

Posted: 15-03-12 11:30 by Fyzah :p

LOL!!! i never imagined ud look lyk that fyzah....i liked yo picture u as that cat instead :(

Posted: 15-03-12 11:36 by M

Ha - nice agent M

Posted: 15-03-12 12:55 by Leah


i am beautiful no matter what they say. words can't bring me-he down!!!


Posted: 15-03-12 13:01 by Fyzah :p

Aww, good song that :D

Yeah, good 4 you

Posted: 15-03-12 13:06 by Leah

lol xD

HEY, are you saying i'm ugly?? :P


Posted: 15-03-12 13:07 by Fyzah :p

LOL i like the extra detail of "me-he" xD

fyzah...ur part of the agent FML crew how can we be mean to you?! dont be silly!

Posted: 15-03-12 20:16 by M

goota go - sorry speak some other time :)

Posted: 15-03-12 20:20 by Leah

ok byee

Posted: 15-03-12 20:21 by M

Tell a lie... i'm back :)

Posted: 15-03-12 20:22 by Leah

u lied?! :O

Posted: 15-03-12 20:24 by M

Yep :)

I'm a TRUE agent :)

(i thought the family were invading)

Posted: 15-03-12 20:27 by Leah

oh LOL! now i get it...yeah thats usually the procedure when the nosey fam invite themselves in

Posted: 15-03-12 20:28 by M

Yep :)

Posted: 15-03-12 20:33 by Leah

lol... agent FML (((furry monkey legs :P)))

i knew you were joking ;)

lol leah :P

family was invading... they know your true identity :P

abort the mission. i repeat, abort the mission!!


Posted: 16-03-12 10:06 by Fyzah :p

Yes sarge :)

Posted: 16-03-12 12:54 by Leah