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How's life?...:)

Posted: 04-03-12 11:08 by Prabhi xx

S'okay tbh..i like your pic, me2u is great!

Posted: 04-03-12 11:28 by M

i <3 me2u......

Posted: 04-03-12 11:30 by Prabhi xx

It's goood :) I am bored at the minute though...

Posted: 04-03-12 11:35 by Little Miss Chatterbox life is going to end next thursday :'( aaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Posted: 04-03-12 11:35 by M

I know it's hard but try not to think about it :) Dont worry lol x

Posted: 04-03-12 11:40 by Little Miss Chatterbox

whats happening next thursday?

Posted: 04-03-12 11:40 by Prabhi xx

I know im trying to distract myself with food....I just comfort eat :P its the way forward for me

Posted: 04-03-12 11:41 by M

its results day next thurday :(

Posted: 04-03-12 11:41 by M

ohhh good luck to anyone else who has results day.....hope u peeps get good results......x

Posted: 04-03-12 11:44 by Prabhi xx

Love food :) cheesecake is the best!

Posted: 04-03-12 11:46 by Little Miss Chatterbox

YUM but chocolate cake is the best....warm with cream on hungary now......

Posted: 04-03-12 11:47 by Prabhi xx

Thank you prabhi and ikr!!! mmmmm now you guys are making me hungry too :P sprints to the kitchen

Posted: 04-03-12 11:52 by M

Mmmmm :) me too! Are you getting any results on Thursday? **

Posted: 04-03-12 11:52 by Little Miss Chatterbox

Haha that's hilarious! :)

Posted: 04-03-12 11:53 by Little Miss Chatterbox

yep Im gettin a-level results...are you getting results??

Posted: 04-03-12 11:55 by M

Yeah GCSE :$ Are you going to go to uni?

Posted: 04-03-12 11:58 by Little Miss Chatterbox

no im in year 10 next year........... Litttle Miss Chatterbox... u in year 11?

Posted: 04-03-12 12:10 by Prabhi xx

I am in year 10 :)

Posted: 04-03-12 12:17 by Little Miss Chatterbox

ohh did u do any exams in november 2011

Posted: 04-03-12 12:19 by Prabhi xx

No I did some in January this year x

Posted: 04-03-12 12:21 by Little Miss Chatterbox

which ones.....

Posted: 04-03-12 12:22 by Prabhi xx

Erm chemistry, biology and maths. What have you picked for your options? x

Posted: 04-03-12 12:32 by Little Miss Chatterbox

i picked German, History, Goegraphy, ICT and all the other ones.... wbu?

Posted: 04-03-12 12:37 by Prabhi xx

Im doing a gap year next year and then yes I will be going to uni hopefully to do a science-related course....fingers crossed!

Posted: 04-03-12 21:31 by M