Bonjour! (La Classe de francais!)

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lol, same, i thought that the boys in my school are extra immature

Posted: 05-03-10 20:29 by RATM33

XD well apparently most are

which exam board are you using for french by the way? because im using edexcel and they may have different questions

Posted: 05-03-10 20:31 by I P B

im using AQA

Posted: 05-03-10 20:33 by RATM33


see we have different conversation pack question things

Posted: 05-03-10 20:35 by I P B

lol, yep it all makes sense now :)

Posted: 05-03-10 21:04 by RATM33

yup :D i havent forgotten bout that tenses resource though, i am working on it XD

Posted: 06-03-10 11:00 by I P B

emmm, I'd talk in french but i dont know how to ask this in french...but wheres all the wee worksheets and stuff? all i see is resources on osmosis etc..:P

Posted: 08-03-10 18:41 by April

Hey April! Where have you been looking for french resources? Because I havent uploaded any yet, but im working on it :D

For french worksheets, do you want like oral questions and stuff or just practicing in general? Because i will try to upload some for you if you tell me what it is you want. I dont know of any other resources on getrevising for french, no idea why! :D

Posted: 08-03-10 19:11 by I P B


i am absolutely rubbish at french :|

Posted: 07-04-10 16:08 by Yasmin

same :(

have you guys started revising yet?

Posted: 07-04-10 17:16 by RATM33

nope, i havent started revising, but i should have. im not sure when i will start. i keep trying revision timetable but i cant stick to them

Posted: 07-04-10 18:00 by I P B

hi, i was just wondering are you lot doing GCSE or AS, if you're doing GCSE then i feel sorry for you some of the things you have to do is harder then before 

Posted: 06-01-11 19:03 by Valentina

Bon Soir! ca va? Je suis parfait. J'ai fait ces questions a propos de la Vie de Famille, le Tourisme, l'Environnement et le Travail, l'annee derniere dans l'annee 9, mais parce que j'etais trop jeune on m'a seulement permis de faire la fondation, mais un recu un C (seulement 3 marques loin des marques superieures) donc je suis tres heureux.

BTW the french bit means this:

Good Evening! How are you? I am fine. I have done those questions about Home Life, Tourism, Environment & Work, last year in year 9, but because I was too young I was only allowed to do foundation, but I got a C (only 3 marks away from top marks) so I'm very happy.

I was pretty gutted about the Foundation part, but year 9s weren't allowed to do higher unless they knew the language fluently, which I obviously don't, even though I do have a good french accent - my teacher thought I was french!!! ;) LOL. Still, at least I already have a French GCSE. I also know italian but i am too afraid to take the exam because no one at my school can help me out in Italian, so im doing another language instead - one other thatn Italian and French. Oh, and can someone just check what I said in french is right? cuz it took me a few minutes to sum it up and check for grammar mistakes but im not sure if i wrote it right. (I couldn't put the accents on cuz i dont know how to) :]

Merci beaucoup. Au revoir ;)

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Posted: 04-03-11 19:43 by Jazz


je suis Farhana,

vient de me dire si vous avez besoin d'aide.

Posted: 29-03-11 18:53 by Farhana

Are you doing GCSE's? 

Posted: 07-05-11 20:12 by Naomi Letley

I P B wrote:

 i keep trying revision timetable but i cant stick to them

Same!!! I swear to god I make a new one every week!

Posted: 08-05-11 20:29 by Lacey Read