Bonjour! (La Classe de francais!)

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same, I've tried, but...

and plus coursework is eating me alive [email protected]

i dont know how i'll manage A-levels

Posted: 03-03-10 20:07 by RATM33

yh, lots of coursework and lots of revision i should be doing but dont have time

I have chosen pretty hard A levels too so its gonna be hard

Posted: 03-03-10 20:15 by I P B

yep =(

I think my A levels are pretty hard -

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, Further Maths =|

What were yours again?

Posted: 04-03-10 18:21 by RATM33

woah those are torture for me XD

mine are german, french, english literature, and abusiness studies

Posted: 04-03-10 18:26 by I P B

lol, the french and german would have been torture for me =P

But, then again, it is your forte

Posted: 04-03-10 18:31 by RATM33

not really :D it just amkes more sense than maths to me XD

i think it is amazing the subjects you are planning to do, so hard!

Posted: 04-03-10 18:43 by I P B

lol, thanks, likewise =)

how do you remember all the tenses and vocab and stuff?

Posted: 04-03-10 19:39 by RATM33


Well, I speak spanish and french is kind of similar so it helps me really. And also to learn the tenses, i just copy the question back if you get what i mean. si if it has "vas" in it i say "je vais.."

Posted: 04-03-10 20:13 by I P B

really? damn thats lucky! Its a shame you dont do spanish, easy A*

lol, the thing is, i dont even know how to form the tenses lol

i get present, past (the one where you add "je suis"), and the future tense (je vais), and some conditional (je voudrais, j'aimerais)

but thats all...

Posted: 04-03-10 20:36 by RATM33

yeah, im thinking of maybe doing a spanish GCSE or A-Level with my other A-Levels if i can. But might be too much work not sure what i can say about the tenses, because to me i just refer to spanish but that doesnt really help you.

I will try to think of a way to put the tenses, because i struggle with the endings for different poeple? so we is nous avons and that kinda thing. but i will try make a resource or something on tenses :D i think it will do me good to go over it too

Posted: 04-03-10 20:49 by I P B

yeah, all the different endings annoy me asl, i made flash cards for them, but i havent gone over them yet

With no revision (and knowledge of tenses etc) i got a B (A* for speaking hahaha), so i think that if i learn all tenses, i can hopefully get like an A or perhaps even an A*

Posted: 04-03-10 21:02 by RATM33

yh sure, that would be good! i will see what i can do then. For me the hardest is the listening, because it is fast and i get distracted XD

Posted: 04-03-10 21:10 by I P B

lol, heres mine -

Writing - most difficult



Speaking - least (as you memorise most of the stuff =D)

Posted: 04-03-10 21:16 by RATM33

Yeah, thats true, they speak too fast =D

sometimes, they say an english word, and it really stands out and its very funny

Posted: 04-03-10 21:17 by RATM33


writing i think is easy, dont you memorise that too?

my hardest is listening because my mind drifts off and i skip the important parts XD

atleast reading you can see it over and over again if need be

Posted: 04-03-10 21:18 by I P B

no, we have to come up with it on the spot =(

true, about the reading, and also, some words looking like english words =D

Posted: 04-03-10 21:22 by RATM33

yeah, in that way french is easier than german, in german you cant guess the words XD well i cant anyway

Posted: 04-03-10 21:44 by I P B


I always thought that the words in german look most like english words, I only chose french over german because i like it better (for some reason),

Posted: 05-03-10 17:33 by RATM33

I think more french words look like english than german words

german is unbelievably different, like they have deliberately invented words to be the opposite to english XD

Posted: 05-03-10 17:36 by I P B


I haven't done french since year 9, so i dont remember it that much, i remember nudlen or something for noodles lol

Posted: 05-03-10 17:38 by RATM33

noodeln i think XD

right now im trying to get ahead of my unit 3 sciences but its so hard!!!

anyway, languages XD thats what this forum is about, getting distracted :D

do you speak any other languages?

Posted: 05-03-10 17:47 by I P B

yes, hindi, well im meant to, but im not that good, honestly, i am so ****, whenever i speak it, like my rents take the **** so...

Posted: 05-03-10 19:12 by RATM33

hindi? are you indian then? sorry if that is a rude question, i dont mean it to be :D My best friend is indian and speaks Punjabi, she tried to teach me some XD

Sat sri akal ji? ...i think

Posted: 05-03-10 19:51 by I P B

yep :)

dw, lol

lol, i dont know that much punjabi, i only know a couple of swear words (because of the guys in my year lol)

Posted: 05-03-10 20:00 by RATM33

aaah XD

well so its all guys that like to learn swear words in different languages, not just the ones from my school XD

Posted: 05-03-10 20:14 by I P B