Bonjour! (La Classe de francais!)

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Posted: 22-02-10 19:56 by I P B


Posted: 22-02-10 20:03 by RATM33

Comme ca va? Je suis tres bien mais un peu triste, parce que j'irais a l'ecole demain.

Posted: 22-02-10 20:06 by I P B

Hey Nadeem! XD this is the french forum, we have to speak french in this discussion XD its not hard, join in yeah?? oui?? :D

Posted: 23-02-10 17:15 by I P B

by the way: above i said:

i am good but a bit sad because i will go to school tomorrow :D

Posted: 23-02-10 17:16 by I P B

damn you are good, all i got was school and triste, which is what i learnt yesterday =D

Posted: 23-02-10 19:44 by RATM33

aaaaw, im sure you are really good at it, you just dont realise.

Posted: 23-02-10 20:36 by I P B


Posted: 23-02-10 22:37 by Nadeem P

come on, talk to me in french! :D

Posted: 23-02-10 22:40 by I P B

Non, je suis en fait très mauvais au français

Qui apprenez-vous en français ?

does that make sense?

Posted: 24-02-10 18:16 by RATM33

ummm, are you saying i am bad at french, and then what are you learning in french?

Posted: 24-02-10 18:19 by I P B

yep :)

Posted: 25-02-10 18:36 by RATM33

very good :D impressive

Posted: 25-02-10 18:42 by I P B

thank you :)

I need to do my convo packs, any good tips for those?

Posted: 26-02-10 19:08 by RATM33

convo packs? what are those? do you mean roleplays?

Posted: 26-02-10 20:25 by I P B

no, erm, i can't explain them

you know we have 3 things to do for our speaking - presentation, role-play, and the 3rd thing (we call them convo packs)

do you have them?

Posted: 27-02-10 11:55 by RATM33

you mean the oral questions, where they are in groups of sets, so like home and abroad, or education traning and employment?

is that the convo pack?

Posted: 27-02-10 12:07 by I P B

I've published a resource that I used last year for GCSE speaking exam. (called something like French Speaking Conversation Topics GCSE...)

You should find them pretty useful.

(Also, J'irais means "I would go", J'irai means "I will go")

Posted: 01-03-10 16:58 by Hugo

Cool thanks, i will have a look at that! and sorry bout the "j'irais" not "j'irai" got confused between the two. also, sorry for ahving to invite you to join the group! i got your like membership thing and accidentally deleted it XD so i then had to try and locate you and invite you in. so sorry :D

Posted: 01-03-10 17:05 by I P B

Yeah, those!

Sorry, we call them Conversation Packs =D

Posted: 01-03-10 19:51 by RATM33

ah ok, i understand now :D well we hav ebeen told to write our own answers to the questions to then memorise

what are you doing for them?

Posted: 01-03-10 19:53 by I P B

Yes, same, I've just finished the tourism one

I'm doing long answers with lots of tenses so I can get better marks

I have like a month to learn it, my speakings on Sat 8th May i think, (its on a saturday because we have less distractions apparently)

Posted: 02-03-10 20:51 by RATM33

may isnt a month to learn is it?? oh god XD thats so close!!

ours is during school, not on a saturday! that would be horrible for me XD

Posted: 02-03-10 20:55 by I P B

Nope, I'll get it all up to a good standard by end of March, then memorise in April, so I'll be ready by May =)

I know, exams are getting so close...

Posted: 03-03-10 17:50 by RATM33

this is really worrying :( i havent been able to revise yet

Posted: 03-03-10 18:03 by I P B