Blood Brothers anyone? :)

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Hey guys i was just wondering if anyone was doing Blood Brothers for their exam! :)

And if so how are you revising?

And if there is any help from anyone it would be much appreciated! :)

Thanks guys! :)


Posted: 04-05-11 20:26 by Fiyya <3

Yeh i am doing blood brothers the worst play eva i think i am mainly just re reading the book my notes and trying to link may ideas i also go on youtube and listern to the songs so hopefully they will stick in my head :)

Posted: 05-05-11 17:41 by Emily O

try acting bits out like the main points with your friends make it fun have a laugh and youll remember that section. then word acosiate the fun you had with like what it is on about. keep at it :) good luck ** 

Posted: 05-05-11 18:24 by Lizzy

Well i am just doing character profiles and making mind maps abut the key themes! :)

They are stuck everywhere! :(

But i think i may try the acting part! :P

And the youtube'ing bit is good too! :)

Have you guys seen it on stage?


Posted: 08-05-11 20:17 by Fiyya <3

i havnt but i know loads of people that have and they said it was amazing :) have you ? whens your exam good luck :)

Posted: 09-05-11 11:56 by Lizzy

It was actual so amazing and it helps for the exam lots! :)

Urmm the 24th of may! :( 

Thank you! :)

Best of luck to you too! :)

Posted: 09-05-11 23:20 by Fiyya <3