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I write a blog, yes its lame, and i get bored alot so it gives me something to do. its an anime blog and was hoping you guys could read it and either give me some advice or re assurance its ok. hey this is my blog, i do it to pass time but any advice to make it better would be appreciated

Posted: 09-12-12 16:59 by Emma

Hey Emma, I'd like to know why you think this is lame? Honestly, I've had a read of it and it's great! I've got a blog too and I probably wouldn't have the guts to show it to anyone, so kudos to you! :)

Seriously, it's important that you keep doing what you want to do and what you have interest in, and not let anyone say its lame or stupid or whatever. I think it's really good!

Perhaps, as an attempt at advice, you could try making each paragraph in your reviews slightly more defined? As in making the sub-headings like 'synopsis' or 'art' bold to make it more aesthetically pleasing?

But above all, and I really mean this when I say it, you should keep on writing. Its awesome already, and you can only get better. Trust me :)


Posted: 09-12-12 19:36 by Ed

thank you Ode. I will keep writing some sound advice :)

Posted: 09-12-12 20:22 by Emma