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I have my exam soon and I am not entirely ready. If you can help me please do. I need to know everything from photosynthesis to genetics so please HELP!!!

Thank You :)

Posted: 18-05-11 18:11 by Zoeeee
Posted: 18-05-11 18:55 by Nicola Howell

That's brilliant Nicola, thanks, I needed something like that too.

Posted: 18-05-11 20:52 by Tilda

One thing you need to know for sure is the equation for photosynthesis this is:

carbon dioxide + glucose arrow water + glucose + energy

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Posted: 18-05-11 21:30 by Alice Deane

Nicola Howell wrote: 

There's some good notes on there x

this helps sooo much !! thanks

Posted: 18-05-11 22:21 by Da Guy