Biology (AS) Unit 1

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hey, did anyone do the jan 2013 unit one paper? how did you find it

Posted: 17-02-13 14:51 by SciTech

What exam board? I did the AQA one.

Posted: 17-02-13 14:53 by Tilly - Team GR

yes aqa sorry :) x how did you find it?

Posted: 17-02-13 15:19 by SciTech

Some parts were quite tricky and some part were ok. It was a bit of a mixture really. I liked the last question, but I didn't like the two before the last one - they were a bit hard.

Posted: 17-02-13 15:24 by Tilly - Team GR

i didn't :( i had  an operation so i have to take mine in may/june 

i've got a mock coming up after the holidays can you guys please tell me what i need to know? thankyou very much - i'll do anything i can for you in return?

Posted: 17-02-13 15:33 by TheComputerGeek

Well you should know all of the points on the specification (it's in my resources if you have a look).

In the jan exam, enzymes, the heart, disease and the lungs came up - from what i can remember, and so it is likely that a little bit from every subject will come up.

Make sure you know equations and formulas, and also the names of organs and parts of respiratory system, circulatory system etc because that came up - learnt the specifics. 

The last question asked about heart disease, and transport in cells - like diffusion (I think - I can't remember exactly)

Cells always come up so learn them.

I have made resources on everything for unit 1 biology which should help.

Main topics:

+ Disease

+ Cells and transport (diffusion, active transport etc)

+ Enzymes and digestion

+ Graph analysis - make sure you know how to analysis, interpret, describe, evaluate, explain graphs

+ Heart and heart diseases

+ Lungs and lung diseases

Hope this helps.

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Posted: 17-02-13 15:37 by Tilly - Team GR