Biology 1A and 1B are both one module now aren't they?

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It's just that I have the test at the end of the year and we have done about hormones, neurones and receptors, food chain, decay... I was wondering what else is in the topic for some learning in advance?

Thanks :)

Posted Sun 15th April, 2012 @ 19:34 by Kate H
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If this is AQA then here is a list of all the Unit one biology topics (in the cobntents of my revision book) :

Diet and metabolic rate, Factors affecting health, Evaluating food lifestyle and diet, Fighting disease (Vaccination, drugs, past and future), The nervous system, synapses and reflexes, Hormones, The menstrual cycle, Controlling fertility, plant hormones, Homeostasis, Drugs, Testing Medicinal drugs, Recreational drugs, Adaptions, competition and enviroment change, Measuring enviroment change, Pyramids of biomass, Energy transfer and deccay, Carbon cycle, Variation, Genes, Chromosones, DNA, Reproduction, cloning, Genetic engineering, Evoloution.

As a long list like that it sounds loads but it isnt as much as you think. You can downlaod the specification from the AQA website :)

Answered Sat 19th May, 2012 @ 18:36 by Lilli