Better Health ?

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Well it is likely to say that health has significance in our lives without which people are unable to do what they aim at . So the question is that how people can improve their health . What i think is dieting and exercising are the most important things for this purpose . What is your opinion about it .

Posted: 22-09-12 06:47 by D_Morgan

You also need to consider points such as smoking and alcohol as well as where the person is living. For example, a person who is living in a small damp house is likely to have poorer health than someone living in a well ventilated and spacious house.

There are also factors that may impact on someones metal health. To stay healthy it helps to have a good support network and people who you can talk to.

A person's income may also have an impact because people on lower incomes aren't able to afford healthy food as it usually comes at a higher cost. They may also find it harder to take part in regular exercise as they will not be able to acces things like a gym. However they can still go out for walks or go jogging which would be free.

Posted: 05-01-13 17:06 by Hannah

health is important for everyone. To saty healthy and maintain health it is good to eat well,take good sleep and do exercise daily. These are some few factors that we should keep in mind for health.

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just eat an apple and go swimming and dont do healt socail, just join the EDL

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To maintain health it is good to do exercise for at least 30 minutes in a day and eat well and balanced diet food. Drink more water and sleep at least 8 hours in a day.

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