Best way to revise for AS chemistry unit 2 exam? (ocr)

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Hi all, really struggling with as chemistry revision, don't know what to do, any advice?


Lucy :)

Posted: 15-05-13 18:55 by Lucy Carr


I'm not sure about your exam board, I do ocr salters b. But I found learning the cgp revision guide and reading there levant areas chemical ideas book at least once really helped me. Also don't be scared to ask the teacher for help!

Good luck :)

Posted: 18-05-13 09:40 by messa

do a lot of questions and ask your teacher  to mark it as mark schemes are designed for examiners (my teacher is an examiner) but your teaacher will know what to give you

Posted: 18-05-13 14:47 by aliimz

I do edexcel, but i guess the same applies to all exam boards. Read the revision guide that is written for your spec, or use cgp. Make sure you read the spec and cover all of the points on it. Make powerpoints or posters or whatever way you learn the material best :)

When you feel confident do past papers.

Posted: 18-05-13 15:25 by Tilly - Team GR