Best Way of Revising?

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Repeatedly copying word for word for me.

Apparently revising in weird places is a good thing to try. Like sitting under a table or standing on a chair...

Posted: 17-05-09 20:50 by Sheldon

LOL only if you've revised before hand...i cant see you being able to cram the whole syllbus while in the loo five minutes before :P

Posted: 21-02-10 12:31 by Sheldon


where did u guys hear that?

I revise by condesing my work down onto one sheet of A4 and by listening to my notes!


Posted: 25-03-10 15:35 by Katie Craven


I think just writing notes out again and again help, but using bright or favourite colours also helps!

p.s wow never knew u could actuali pass an exam by doin work in da loo ! 

Posted: 23-12-10 17:31 by Shiny

Heyy (:

I had to do a whole presentation about revision methods in front of pupils and parents at my school; I had to discuss a diverse range of revision techniques for auditory, kinaesthetic and visual learners.

So if any of you need any advice, just let me know! I’d be happy to help!

Posted: 29-12-10 11:42 by Emma Brookes

I find making post it notes helps, and then I stick them all over my bedroom so I read them without even thinking about it and absorb the info. Also making note cards with little bits of info on, and getting people to test me, especially as they can then shuffle up the cards so you don't learn it in the same order everytime, you know each bit individually x

Posted: 31-12-10 15:27 by caz

^^ that's fantastic! Info that to, at the moments my bedroom walls are wallpapered in science revision :D I always use colour and diagrams :)

Posted: 01-01-11 10:08 by Emma Brookes

My psychology exam is on the 12th and I haven't revised, I just started, done about a page so far... Do you think I will be able to cram in everything before then and get a decent mark. We did a mock in class in December and I got an E

Posted: 01-01-11 22:13 by Sara

hmmm :/

I think you have a chance, you just need to keep calm and not stress out, but you really should have started earlier! But don't fear, just make sure your revising in the best well!

Posted: 01-01-11 22:18 by Emma Brookes

I couldn't physically revise before today, I'm one of those last minute revisers. I tried everything, even forcing my self to revise. But then I found this site after a bit of searching, so I'll just carry on making notes on this site.

Okay, thanks for your reply :-)

Posted: 01-01-11 22:30 by Sara

:) this is is great! I'm glad I found it too!
Your the opposite to me then, I start revising months before the exam, like for my triple science I have started 4 months before because it takes my mind so long to process the information! :) good luck!

Posted: 01-01-11 22:58 by Emma Brookes

=D you too 

Good luck! :-)

Posted: 02-01-11 01:36 by Sara

Just Don't stress yourself out and remember to sleep and eat plenty :)

Posted: 02-01-11 11:58 by Emma Brookes

Okay, thank you for the advice :-)

Posted: 02-01-11 12:10 by Sara

I have two days to revise English and Maths - any advice?

Posted: 08-01-11 11:48 by Jasmine

Set yourself questions and try to answer them. Once I went on like a 7-hr train journey and I revised was brilliant, especially when it went dark and they put on the lights and I just sat their with a coffee. It is very comforting the sound of a moving train. So, next time you are travelling by train, take some revision and you will be surprised by how much you retain!

Posted: 08-01-11 14:58 by Rebecca

I'm a last minute reviser too, but aslong as you understood it the first time you learnt it, it's usually not difficult to jog your memory. If you didn't understand it when you were taught it though, you really need to make notes on the whole of it and re-teach yourself it.

I read over a lot of things, print off things and highlight the important bits as I read through it, make notes and draw diagrams on the things I find tricky and ALWAYS practice some questions on it, because sometimes you can know the material but the questions can be worded strangley and throw you off. It's important to have an idea on how the questions will be structured in order to be able to answer them.

Posted: 08-01-11 21:55 by e

i revise by reading the work again and agian preferably in the mornnig and then paraphriase it in my own words and talk tu ma slef till the exam is over:_)

Posted: 12-01-11 12:13 by Asha Akhtar

making small revision cards with bullet pointed notes on helps.

and I also tend to say out loud the revision material i have learnt once i've read it and understood it...and sometimes it is good to work with ur friends like in a study group and teach each other! lol

Posted: 12-01-11 17:44 by Econ123

cue cards



asking people to test you on topics.


ahhhhh :$x

Posted: 12-01-11 19:38 by Bethan Jones

Past papers are the ultimate way to revise! :)

Posted: 13-01-11 16:40 by Emma Brookes

yh practice what has came up and the wording of questions and posible ways they could ask them becoasue they tend to repeat questions alot :-)

Posted: 14-01-11 12:55 by Asha Akhtar

Ugh, I had biology too yesterday! Have C2 and P2 next week...any revision tips would be very useful, as I'm not travelling by train anywhere this weekend......*sighs*.

Posted: 14-01-11 20:59 by Rebecca

I tend to follow these steps when revising, it really helps:

1.Go through the syllabus or each topics and make all the notes you need to know but in bullet points or small chunks as its easier to learn

2.Make flashcards with questions and answers on different sides that cover all the information put into your notes.

3.Go through your flashcards and notes and end your revision with a quick mindmap, flowchart or poster, which ever you prefer really.

4.You should be more prepared and confident by now, if not just practice with a partner and go through your flashcards or revise in groups with your friends, i.e. do quizzes and test each other. You can all help eachother with different things you don't understand.

5.Now this tip works best for me. Whilst revising, apply a certain perfume. Only have the perfume on the clothes that your revising in and change afterwards. (it may seem like effort but its worth it!). Before the exam, spray the same perfume and that same smell, jogs your memory and reminds of your revision sessions. It works for me, and has generally proven to do so!

Good Luck!

Posted: 15-01-11 23:47 by Saba987

Loooll Well I Believe Revising,, By Makiig Que Cards iss so better,, so you only learn nd revise da main points rather than all of the actualy thing...:)

Posted: 20-01-11 17:34 by Umme Kulsum