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Ironically for me, Physics is my best science, even though most people would say it is the hardest. I always seemed to struggle with Biology but then I did really well in my B2 mock and was utterly stunned. I don't think Chemistry has ever been a problem for me, except the odd topic or two. What about anyone else?

Posted: 06-01-10 17:11 by Jet

ii realllyy cant do chemistry att all i am so worriedd aboutt my exams next week how can i revise i am having real trouble :( ii findd biologyy understandable and i seem to dook in physics

Posted: 09-01-10 11:06 by casey

Have you tried the BBC GCSE Bitesize website? There are many revision pages and quizzes etc there. Also, if you go on to this part of the aqa website,, and click and choose any one of the sciences in the sciences and PE list, then you will be able to get some past papers to have a go at before the exams. You can also get the mark schemes for the papers so you can see where your weaknesses are. Have you done mocks for the sciences yet?

Posted: 09-01-10 11:24 by Jet