Beauty tips? For chapped lips

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Does anyone know how to make a lip scrub, I have a bad habit of picking my lips epically in the exams, mostly when I get stressed which is worse because then my lips go worse tried all the lip balms, and lip sores in the whole world but non have worked. Used the most expensive and the cheapest one due to my lips.. Someone at boots told me I should get a lip scrub but like they are really expensive 20 odd pounds, so if any one knows please tell me

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Posted: 01-12-12 16:56 by sharaan

CARMEX! I swear by it. 

Posted: 01-12-12 18:49 by thehiddenwizard

Used it already... Worked for the little bit of chapped lips... But not for the rest

Posted: 02-12-12 10:40 by sharaan

vaseline/coconut oil (solidfied)/caramax

Posted: 02-12-12 23:54 by Ruby

Before you go to bed wet your toothbrush and vigourously brush your lips to get rid of the dry skin. This will mean that there is no excess skin for you to pick on on the following day. Use pink Vaseline every morning and every night.

Posted: 05-12-12 21:10 by anonymouse01

I tired that and my lip swole up lool but I went out and bought Blistex Medplus for lips seems to be working (touch wood)

Posted: 08-12-12 13:05 by sharaan

i luv pure vaseline :D it makes my lips shiny and smooth :L lolol

Posted: 11-12-12 22:08 by Jay

Jay wrote:

i luv pure vaseline :D it makes my lips shiny and smooth :L lolol

ahaha... Tired it and doesnt work on mine... lips are too delicate 

Posted: 12-12-12 16:45 by sharaan


Posted: 12-12-12 18:03 by Sandra

Hmmm used it for a while but it doesnt work in the winter 

Posted: 12-12-12 19:43 by sharaan