Bach Vs Mozart ... biggest bad boy

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Posted: 22-01-10 08:53 by Scott Pogmore

i heard that Bach was going to do a collab with Cypress Hill and Public Enenmy that is why he is a bad boy

Posted: 22-01-10 08:55 by Ben Saddler

Mozart is considering an offer from NWA

Posted: 22-01-10 08:56 by Scott Pogmore

Bach is better. Mozart pieces bore me when I play them. I love listening to them both as much as each other but Bach all the way.

Posted: 09-03-11 12:23 by Will

Do you mean the composers?

Toccata and Fugue in D minor is awesome and I seriously doubt that Mozart ever did awesome organ music composed primarily to show off the organist's skills.

Mozart was a child prodigy though and I think Rondo Alla Turca is awesome too.

Posted: 01-05-12 14:08 by Sonikkuruzu

Obviously Mozart is the badboy- Bach's too busy resolving his suspensions, and has anyone seen Amadeus? I know it's not exactly accurate but Mozart the alcoholic :P x

Posted: 03-05-12 15:42 by Beth Haworth