B7 Pre Release 2011

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does anyone know any types of questions that may come up on the B7 OCR 21st Century Science Paper this year regarding the pre-release on wrinkle cream?

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Posted: 10-05-11 20:16 by ayesha

I'm taking that exam myself and I am very worried cause I find B7 very hard. If you go to the OCR website you can find past papers on B7 but the pre-release will just be on the text so I suggest putting some research into anti-winkle cream. I guess you will probably get questions like "How can scientists be sure that this Winkle cream is safe, what things could be done to assure this?" But I shouldn't worry to much about the pre-release as its only like 15 marks of the whole paper.

Posted: 11-05-11 23:12 by Luke Eves

okay, thank you (:

Posted: 14-05-11 14:31 by ayesha