Athens Help!!

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Best techniques for athens revision anybody?

Cannot get my head round it!!!

Posted: 14-05-12 18:49 by Sahel Manuchehry

Im revising this now for my exam

I'd say read the textbooks and you can find questions online with examples like : What is the Panathenaia and describe the order of events

Some even contain just the words in greek/latin (whatever language its in :P) and you describe them which is good

Also there are some good revision materials for Athens on here, check them out!

Posted: 26-05-12 19:04 by Ruby

try separating the different topics and making maybe a mindmap or something for them. for example a mindmap on athenian education. you could also make a list or a timeline in order to remember the panathenaia and the procession.

ill probably be posting some of my revision on athens soon as im revising it for my mocks, so look out for it. :)

hope i've helped

Posted: 02-11-12 13:25 by Rita