ask what board we are doing when selecting our level and subject

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when we select our level and subject i think we should also be able to choose the board we are doing, this will allow us tot hen get the resources available for the topics we need to revise and not other topics for that subject.



Posted: 13-06-12 18:17 by Chloe Rimell

ermmm yeah sound ohkay =)

Posted: 13-06-12 21:38 by waqar

yeah, some exam boards ask really different questions with different topics to the ones we actually need.

Posted: 14-06-12 12:05 by Maddie

Yh I agree

Posted: 14-06-12 14:47 by Lollipop

Yeah this is a good idea it will be very helpful.

Posted: 16-06-12 18:28 by Megan Chilton

This would be so useful! The amount of times I've clicked on a resource that they think will be useful for me and the information isn't what I need to know... :/

Posted: 18-06-12 09:31 by LaurenE