AS Psychology Exam Revision

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Bascially, I have pretty awful psychology teachers and I have my AS exam next week and I'm pretty much screwed!! My exam is on developmental and research methods, then cognitive and research methods. If anyone has any revision methods/websites/easy tips to help me learn these topics it would be greatly appreciatred!

Many Thanks!


Posted: 09-01-11 17:11 by Frances

I know it sounds odd, but wikipedia has some really useful information about things like that, I used it a lot last year and ok you don't get passed questions and things but you can get the facts if you look for them and they're 90% of the things you really do need! my second suggestion would probably be go onto the exam board website and see if they have any past papers and things for your exam.. depending on what exam board you are doing some of the websites are quite good with things like that!! last suggestion - youtube... type in the code for your exam and often (again depending on what exam board you are doing) they have some really useful presentations and things that previous students have put up!



Posted: 09-01-11 17:24 by Emma Dobson