AS Music Technology?

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I'm starting college om September, and I am thinking of chosing AS Music Technology (along with English Literature, Geography, History). Is Music Technology hard, is it fun?

Posted Mon 14th May, 2012 @ 19:01 by bd1905

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It depends what kind of teacher you get. Ours just left us to work out everything for ourselves, which made things quite difficult. But i think it would be a lot easier if you have a teacher who knows what they are doing.

Also take notes about the theory and stuff because there are not very many revision guides that can help you as the course is still quite new.

All in all though i have found the course quite enjoyable. Top Tip though - get all your coursework done and out of the way as soon as possible! 

Answered Tue 15th May, 2012 @ 17:08 by Lottie
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I agree with Lottie; It's a really fun and interesting course, but it's seriously hard work because a) it's very heavily coursework based and b) there are pretty much no revision materials.

I'm also in the same boat with BOTH my teachers. One of them only gives me any help now because I complained to my head of year and the other one is never in my lessons and neither seem to actually know what they're doing! But I do think with decent teachers it could be an AMAZING subject! Good luck!

Answered Wed 13th March, 2013 @ 19:01 by Robyn