AS Maths

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Is anyone studying AS Maths and how is it?

Posted: 18-10-12 11:41 by Angel_786

I am and I think it's good at the moment - it's interesting if you keep up with the work and go over your notes to keep it in your head :)

Posted: 18-10-12 14:38 by Joanne

It's really hard though!

Posted: 20-10-12 16:54 by Hannah

Im thinking of doing AS maths but i dont know whether too?

Posted: 20-10-12 18:01 by Prabhi xx

I know that it is really hard, but so far in core 1 it's okay - I just know that core 3 and 4 will be hard! What would you do it with - statistics, mechanics or decision?

Posted: 20-10-12 19:36 by Joanne

I also do as maths. it is challenging but just requires alot of revision. its not too bad though. but its gonna get harder. our sixth form is only doing mechanics not statistics. i hate mechanics so not looking forward to that :/ lol

Posted: 23-10-12 16:32 by Nikkii

im doin maths 2 LOL XDD

yeah itz okay kinda hard buh were gonna hav 2 get used 2 it, i find statistics wayy easier dan core, core iz pretty hard ^__^

Posted: 23-10-12 16:35 by Waqar Khanny :)

I am also doing maths im finding it really difficult at AS but our teacher said we have been doing the hardest bit first. (circles) The maths is not exceptionally difficult but if you are like me and make simple mistakes you can loose loads of marks as questions are all connected and linked. Decision is my 'option' this ive heard is the easiest of the three.

Posted: 23-10-12 17:53 by claire

I don't do as maths but i'm wondering, what are the papers like, are the questions really long?

Posted: 23-10-12 18:23 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

There's like 7 questions but with a few parts to each and the paper is 1 hour 30 minutes, so the questions are fairly long.

Posted: 23-10-12 18:56 by Joanne

In my experience they are long most question have three parts and the questions at the end of the paper can have up to six parts and they are all joining on from one another which mean if you cant do part two then you are likely to get all the parts after that wrong aswell.

Posted: 23-10-12 18:56 by claire

what is the highest amount of marks a individual question is worth, sorry, I'm just nosey.

Posted: 23-10-12 19:13 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

One of the highest I have seen is 13 marks for the last question in a test.

Posted: 24-10-12 21:00 by claire

AS maths is very hard in my opinion but thats probably just me!!! The people that do best in it is those that keep organised throughout the year so that by the time it gets to the exam they can revise easily. 

They are relatively long exams so you are never  really rushed for time so that is a plus as it prevents you making stupid mistakes as your are trying to do it quickly :) 

Posted: 25-10-12 23:31 by Former Member

I do AS maths too and I’m finding it okay, but that’s probably because my teacher drills in the method into our heads and makes us stay behind until we get it. If thinking of taking AS maths you need to be able to decide whether you’ll be committed to it because you have to do at least an hour of it on your own so you won’t fall behind and actually understand what the teacher is on about.

Posted: 30-10-12 17:40 by Maryam

AS maths is hard! It was okay to begin with but now it's too hard :(

Posted: 01-11-12 14:57 by Joanne

im doin it but i hate it :( itz lyk really hard now, though i do find statistics quite easy :P

Posted: 01-11-12 15:17 by Sabah

I did AS maths with statistics last year. I found core 1 and statistics quite easy getting B's in both exams however i found core 2 really, really difficult so i ended up getting an E overall in AS maths. Id say only do it if you are certain because it caused me a lot of stress and put me behind in other subjects that were more important.

Posted: 02-11-12 18:51 by Rebecca

Joanne wrote:

I know that it is really hard, but so far in core 1 it's okay - I just know that core 3 and 4 will be hard! What would you do it with - statistics, mechanics or decision?

Im doing it with statistics but still doing core 1 yet got exam in January has anyone else?

Posted: 08-11-12 12:14 by Angel_786

yeah me 2 :( not lukin forward 2 it coz ik am gonnna fail......... :'(

Posted: 08-11-12 16:22 by Waqar Khanny :)

I am very worried for the core 1 exam :/ we haven't even begun to learn polynomials or integration yet and it's 2 months away!!!

Posted: 08-11-12 17:13 by Joanne