AS level PE- OCR

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Does anyone know how to revise pe?? Just got big *** textbook nd dnt have a clue what to do with it!!! Heelllppp plz :)

Posted: 12-04-11 13:29 by Issy

Go through sections in your book, mainly split them into three sub-categories:

Anatomy and Physiology



Start off with what you know and create revision cards or mindmaps to help you revise!

Hope it helps sorry!

Posted: 17-04-11 17:13 by Holly

you could also think of cross sticks




Sucks his


= order of the spine

or songs to help you remember

i know this song is a lower level and from hannah montana but it might help you remember some of the bones for anatomy and physiology (click the link) it helped me with GCSE PE as it's very catchy and won't take long to remember.

Good Luck




Posted: 17-04-11 19:30 by Hayley

Hayley's technique works- Songs are easier to remember than straight up information! (It's how I passed GCSE science!)

I used Holly's technique too- Its quite hard to link the sections and seeing as they aren't combined in the test just look at them individually. 

I've just helped my sister revise GCSE PE and- I know its a lot easier but- we found wierd ways of learning, for example...   We are both dancers so I gave her actions to remember the 5 functions of the skeleton and she has remembered the dance and thus, remembered them!  (If you have a specific sport I can try and give you a hand, but it might not work with you!)

I could never sit and read my book and learn... it just didnt work for me... but you may be different! It might have something to do with if you're a visual/kinaestethic/audio learner or not.. im not too sure!

Apologies for the ramble.. hope it helps.

Posted: 23-04-11 17:32 by Lauren

thats a very good idea lauren

another way is to make up games with friends. My teacher last year made up a game and there was hexagens all joined upwith one letter in each. That letter was the first letter in the answer. and the first team across the board wins. you could get an older sibling or a parent to make one up (it's very easy) and have a little quiz/ competition with friends doing that subject.

a girl in my history class last year recorded her self saying stuff and put it on her Ipod/ phone and played it to her self over and over again. It worked she got mainly A* - B in all her subjects.


Posted: 24-04-11 16:24 by Hayley

Ive done the AS PE OCR exam twice once last year and once this year in jan.

Last year I just revised out the book and got an E

Re did it this year with my dads technique and got a B!!

What you do go through the 3 different topics & write down the main things like spine, muscles etc

Then each hour you have just spend going over that one little sub topic of the spine e.g lumbar

Once youve done a bit of revision print off an old past paper go through it and answer it with the info you find in your book.  Do the question again but dont use your book therefore you remember what the answers are!

Posted: 27-04-11 21:52 by charlotte

I've played Hayleys game in class too- Very easy, and makes you feel very clever when you get it right!

I re-sat the same as Charlotte and had very similar grades.  Also used her technique and so breaks dowen the info into bitesize pieces so you feel you are getting somewhere!

Posted: 29-04-11 14:39 by Lauren

i think revision only works if you do something active because it's fun and then you remember it better.

In lessons for PE the same teacher that done the game made us think of across sticks and because we were in year 11 we could make them as funny/ rude as we liked. She told the class one she got told the year before for the spine:


**** are

Long and


this is the one that was stuck in my head because i laughed so much, but do not write it on your paper the examiner will not be impressed (especially if their name is clare). lol xxxxx

Posted: 30-04-11 11:33 by Hayley

Im only doing GCSE, but does anyone know of any good revision materials to use? :S

Thankyou! **

Posted: 21-05-11 15:02 by Molly Howarth-Maddison

haha thanks for all that peeps :) might actually try that for other exams :) thank u :)

Posted: 29-05-11 18:18 by Issy