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hi, I'm finding it really difficult to choose my as level subjects

so far im sure i'll be doing spanish because im already fluent and also english lit because im predicted As atm in gcse and its valuable right?

so, ive been looking into doing law or PPE at uni simply because the job oppotunities in becoming a lawyer or management consultant offers stability and a good pay check, not sure if I'd enjoy it but history and economics are also options.

But, i feel that these subjects so far are too wordy so a  sciency subject should be included right ? but science and maths are my worst subjects, just about scraping B grades in them.

I also love art and am predicted A*, but would it be wrong to take it if i am looking into law? I do also and have always dreamed of a career in fashion, its just the money in it im worried about.

Any advice would be so helpful, thanks!

Posted Fri 5th April, 2013 @ 19:13 by Alexa