AS English Literature - Victorian extracts

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Does anyone know any really good quote/extracts or even just recommendations of Victorian literature on topics on women, religion, science, industry etc that I can look up?

Any will be much appreciated.


Posted: 05-04-11 11:55 by Jasmine Tsim

here's a few novels from he victorian era which are rather good for all of the topics :)

Emily Brontë's, Wuthering Heights (1847)

Charlotte Brontë, especially Jane Eyre (1847) and Villette (1853), ; they're both rather conventional.

You could also look into Thomas Hardy's work- his novels are rather pessimistic yet realy hardhiting confronting issues which were taboo for the era :)

hope that helps a bit ***

Posted: 08-04-11 12:18 by Rosie