AS Chem: Spectrometry/Spectroscopy

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Hey all
Does anyone know the difference between Mass Spectrometry and Mass Spectroscopy?

The revision guide has kinda confused me :/

Would be great if anyone could help :D 

Posted: 02-01-11 12:17 by Frankey

Mass Spectrometry : here's a good site for and explanation , ive checked it and it is all good.

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Posted: 06-01-11 18:40 by Francesco D'Alessio

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Posted: 06-01-11 18:41 by Francesco D'Alessio

Hi, they mean the same thing. 

Posted: 22-05-11 16:06 by Alex

Different names for the same thing (I'm a chem teacher)

Posted: 04-10-11 23:21 by Caleb McDonald