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Does anyone know how You get an A/A* in AS Biology,Chemistry and Physics

Posted: 17-09-12 12:57 by Shaaref

You can't get an A* at As
To get an A at As you need 80% overall

To get this revise as pften as you can
review all work after lessons
Look over what you will be doing in class before the lesson
Do as many past papers as ou can
Do all of the questions in your exercise book
MARK the above questions - or you won't know where you have one wrong to improve
Repeat the above several times:) 

Posted: 17-09-12 21:42 by Alex

You can't get an A* at AS. But to get an A* at A2 you need an A at AS then over 270 UMS in A2.

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Posted: 18-09-12 18:33 by Sophie

you don't need an A at As to get an A* overall, just an average of 80% over all in all your exams:)
And you need 90% in your A2 exams (although slightly different for maths) to make it up to an A* 

Posted: 18-09-12 22:36 by Alex

As others have said, you can't get A* at AS.

However,I will share one tip to help you digest and learn the syllabus as well as making it easier to revise come exam time. For every lesson, at home, write out all of your notes that you have done into a neat, organised, colourful format, and keep these in a folder, to fill the whole of the units. as you go through the syllabus, you can easily go back and read/revise the notes you have done. It is miles better than looking at odd scribbles and it also helps you learn what you have done in class by rewriting it. 

If you do not understand something completely, it is important to understand it, otherwise you might have a gaping hole in your knowledge and you forget about it come exam time. 

Use a variety of textbooks, as the knowledge of say, only the Nelson Thornes book, or only the CGP will only get you a top B. For those top marks you need to look at current science journals like "New Scientist", and a variety of textbooks so you can fully grasp the content as well as introducing additional knowledge that might not be on the mark scheme. Marks can be awarded for additional knowledge - so bear that in mind!

Hope it helps,


Posted: 09-10-12 17:24 by Noid