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Is it just me and my school, but does your art take around 3/4 hours EVERY TIME you complete a double page in your sketchbook? I may be a perfectionist and want to get good marks etc, but i swear its not meant to take up more time than all my other subjecs put together?? :P x

Posted: 11-04-11 21:00 by Libby Norman

I loove art soo much, so I usually spend about 4+ hours a night on it.. XD

Art is a very time-consuming subject but it's worth it in the long-run..


Posted: 11-04-11 21:07 by Danae Josephine

I do love it an' all, but it takes up sooo much bloomin time which i dont have!

And yes i guess so, i got reaaaaly behind last year and had to catch up on it all at the begining of this year as well as the current topics, but im up to date now and going ok :) x

Posted: 11-04-11 21:14 by Libby Norman

SAME! I only realized that I love art this year, so I've had to do soo much work to get my skills up to date..

Same with Biology, I did NO work at all last year so I've had to play catch up this year.. /:

But I'm glad that you're up to date! (:

What subject did you get for your Art GCSE?

Posted: 11-04-11 21:16 by Danae Josephine

Thanks :)

Well I'm on my 4th topic atm, so in order we have done Land and Sea, Organic Forms, Structures and now im on Similarities and Differences (DEFO the best one yet )

Yooouuuu??? x

Posted: 11-04-11 21:34 by Libby Norman

We did Fears, Broken, Groups, Light & Night, and we're now doing Shade/Shadow for our GCSE (:

Posted: 11-04-11 23:31 by Danae Josephine

I totes agree with you about artipoos, I spend much of my time drawing alone in my room, rocking backwards and forwards. It is the only outlet of my pain. People throw things at me all the time.

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Posted: 27-04-11 11:00 by emily


Posted: 27-04-11 11:42 by SARAH

what are sayin about ma mum?!

Posted: 03-05-11 12:11 by jack hannon

i know what you mean i spend so much time on my art as it takes forever and i still find i don't do as well in it as other subjects even though i'm not bad (i'd call myself good but i don't like blowing my own trumpet)

Posted: 16-06-11 16:34 by alex colton

@Alex - yeeh, i totally know what you mean! I'm not like an A* art student, even though i spend so much time producing good quality work.. :/

Posted: 16-06-11 17:31 by Danae Josephine

i got an E at art GCSE so if you need any help i am the man to got to

Posted: 06-07-11 13:14 by Ross Wilke

ross i have needed someone like you for the past 2 years

Posted: 19-07-11 12:15 by Libby Norman


Posted: 11-01-12 12:59 by mariel collier gow

omg i no what you meen im doing aprivate gcse in art and its like hell iv got loads of of work.  the thing is when i start drawing i actually cant stop untill iv finished the peice taking up more of my gcse time.  expessialy now im in year 10 its really hard as we have so many tests :)

Posted: 23-01-12 20:11 by saraaax

Im in year 10 and think that art is fun we have done organic forms and are now doin i, me , my

Posted: 27-02-12 19:44 by kay

Im in year 10 and think that art is fun we have done organic forms and are now doin i, me , my

Posted: 27-02-12 19:44 by kay