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Hi guys,

When you are revising for a test do you ever get stuck on one particular topic and struggle to understand it? If so then you should head on over to Revision Universe. My friend started this site and it is really good. He got A*s in all his GCSEs so he knows what he's doing and now he wants to pass his knowledge on to you guys.

So if you're stuck on a particular topic then just enter this URL and email Revision Universe. They will then create FREE resources and email them to you within a few working days.

The URL is

Posted: 27-02-13 16:31 by Unknown

How do you work out simutanoues equations?

Posted: 28-02-13 16:54 by Lavone

Since I do not produce the resources, you are going to have to go on the website using the link and then email them your request.

Posted: 28-02-13 17:12 by Unknown