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Hey guys,

I was stuck on Solving Equations in Maths but I couldn't find any resources suited to my need. So I went on a site named Revision Universe and contacted them. They produced a brilliant set of resources for FREE. The resources helped me understand the topic so much more.

The URL is on my profile page.

Just thought I would share this with you guys to help you revise.

Posted: 12-02-13 17:34 by Unknown

I don't mean to be rude or anything.. but you have mentioned this in literally like every discussion already.. and to be honest the point of people signing up to GR is to share their resources, use other peoples reources in aid of their revision and they can also generally ask any question they have or help people by answering peoples questions..

so please do not use GR to 'sell' the revision universe site..

its fine mentioning to people.. like with any other websites.. but constant mentioning of it.. can be really annoying..

i hope u can see what I'm trying to say..and sorry if i do sound rude..

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Posted: 12-02-13 20:38 by ? Secret - Team GR

I kinda agree with you secret and I thought it was just me who thought this. I think your website is a good idea, but you are using get revising to advertise it. Just leave it on your profile page and let people find it. Make some resources on get revising and be a part of the community.

I think it;s good that you have this website and the idea behind it is brilliant by the way.

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Posted: 12-02-13 21:19 by Tilly - Team GR